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Astrology for Baby Boomers


Born in the 1940’s and early 1950’s, is now reaching retirement age. In Astrology, they are referred to as the Pluto in Leo group. They are a generation of people who came into the world, nurtured by Pluto in Cancer parents. Differing from their parents who have invested in real estate, life insurance and pension plans, the Pluto in Leo group have spent most of their lives spending their money on children, lovers, sports and all of life’s pleasures. Most Baby Boomers will spend their retirement years in a different way then their parents. They will be working into their 70’s and be more economically affected by these changing times brought on by Pluto traveling through the constellation of Capricorn.

Brenda Black is a Baby Boomer born in the late 1940’s. She has been studying Astrology since 1977 when she had a life-changing astrology reading by Virginia Dayan at the Dragons Head Book Store in Portland, Oregon. Having read hundreds of Astrology books by Jeff Green, Jan Spiller, Marion March, Robert Hand and more, Brenda has been using astrology since her first Saturn Return to navigate her way through major Pluto transits and other life changing transits and eclipses to her astrology chart. Brenda is a Leo with Moon in Aquarius and has confirmation that she was an Astrologer in Atlantis in a past life. The focus of Brenda’s work is using Astrology, Tarot, Numerology and other psychic tools to counsel and guide Baby Boomers as they go through their life changes.

Brenda is able to help Baby Boomers pick out a second career focus as they enter their 60’s. She can give you guidance about romance, travel, monetary and other aspects of life that are giving you stress.



This book is written by 33 authors – Scientists, Researchers, Futurists, Mystics and Astrologers – who give their sincere interpretations of December 21, 2012 and the end of the Mayan Calendar. Brenda has written a chapter called “Charting the Day” in which she interprets the Astrology Chart for the day of December 21, 2012. She says, “The buses will be running and the banks will be open.” In this book, Dr.Carl Johan Calleman talks about the economic meltdown and the end of economic cycles in the world.

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This book is written and self-published by Brenda Black, CAP and Sue Wilkes, PhD. You will learn about Lilith’s origins and her mythologies, her symbols and imagery, and Lilith through the signs and houses in the natal birth chart. There will be examples of Lilith placements in the charts of selected celebrities.

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Brenda will interpret your Astrology Chart and answer a few questions about your life path, career, marriage, romance, relocation and more. Using Astrology, Brenda explains why certain things are happening to you now and give you a time frame when your current stressful situation(s) go away. She can help you with a current love relationship and, by matching your two charts, give advice and explanation so you can decide whether to stay in the relationship or move on. Brenda will need your date of birth, the time you were born and your place of birth. (Recorded CD included) COST $45.00 - 30 Minutes

MINI-READING (15 Minutes)
Brenda will answer a question that has been on your mind for a while using Astrology and Tarot Cards. She could also provide lucky days and lottery numbers for you. COST $25.00 - 15 Minutes

ASTROLOGY COACHING (Two one-hour sessions)
Brenda will teach you how to read the “Pocket Astrologer” booklet and follow the Moon Phases and Moon signs. Brenda will also teach you how to read the Ephemeris. Also Brenda can help a person at beginning and intermediate levels of astrological understanding with their questions as well as provide “secrets” for interpreting a chart. Brenda will suggest various astrology books you could buy to enhance your knowledge of the stars. (Recorded CD included) COST $50.00

Brenda will explain your four Lilith placements including the Black Moon, Dark Moon, Asteroid Lilith and the Fixed Star Algol. She will ask for the birth dates of 3-4 significant people in your life and explain why the relationships with these people turned out very karmic and sometimes difficult. Many of Brenda’s clients have greater peace of mind after a Lilith Reading. (Recorded CD) COST $55.00 - 45 Minutes

Using your birth data and asking for the city where you spent your current birthday, Brenda will create a Solar Return Chart. She will provide a 60-plus page Solar Return Book with detailed astrological information about your year ahead. Brenda will also give important time frames in the future when you might experience good fortune, meet a romantic partner or profit in business. Brenda will also help you with a current circumstance that is giving you stress. (Recorded CD included) COST $60.00 - 45 Minutes(includes postage and handling for Solar Return Book)

Payment: Contact Brenda Black: to schedule a reading or for payment arrangements. Payments are made through PayPal.

Using the metaphysical tools mentioned above, Brenda offers information that you can use to find enlightenment, happiness and serenity in the next third of your life. Brenda is a member of the Arizona Society of Astrologers (ASA), National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), the American Federations of Astrologers (AFA) and the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR). Brenda Black received her ISAR-CAP certification in the spring of 2008. She is also available for tutoring in the beginning and intermediate levels of Astrology.

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Brenda BlackIf you enjoy playing games of chance, Brenda can provide you with Fortunate Days, Lucky Numbers and Winning Times.


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